The world’s most dangerous hate-filled platform

So, since this is a global problem of the spread of hatred and intolerance, and since most of you commentators are in English, I have decided, in cooperation with DeepL Translate, to share this post in English as well.

Mirror mirror mirror on the wall, tell me, who is the most hated in this land? The most dangerous, hateful and socially destructive platform in the world is the social network.

Najbolj nevarna sovražna spletna platforma na svetu

Since the darknet (what is the darknet, how did it come about) doesn’t count, since it is not for Earthlings, at least not the honest and normal ones, I ask myself, what the hell on the bright side of the web makes the sinisterly dangerous, stalking and extremely hateful social network, Facebook?

The Web Axis of Evil!

I could write for miles about Facebook, but it’s a waste of time and breath for the corrupt conglomerate. It would be hard to put anything really oh and positive into sentences. Of course, my opinion has a basis. It is not the pablum uttered by Danilo Turk or Dejan Židan when imaginative whisperers write on his pen. An opinion is the product of active research and active experimentation. It is all summarised and illustrated in a few articles. I even waved the contents in front of the noses of Slovenian institutions a few years ago, who responded in the Slovenian way. They did not! What do I know. Who am I, who are you, you little bastard from the margins, that the gods should answer you or your, heaven forbid, case should be dealt with. That’s what we have. A gentleman with a mandate is term-limited. They are trying to use the time to do something concrete. Let’s say being pretty on camera, having your nails properly manicured for the snack and a cool haircut for the celebration. If they are already addressing what is already being addressed or researched for them, it is the ones that count that are prioritised. But to pass judgement on the employees is not even a slight. No way, Pedro. Employees are just there to get a salary and to have something to write to the bank when they want a lease, under the question of where you are employed.

In short, let’s not be long-winded. In the appendices, you can read over a cup of tea how I was virtually abused by the demons of Facebook, how I was blackmailed, fucked and finally, when he got it all, fucked by the pervert Facebog:

I can argue that Facebook has incorporated malice into every one of its actions (let’s call it an app). Its behaviour and, indeed, its entire policy is identical to that of far-left populists. When the latter, and of course then the former, do something wrong, they attribute their action to the right-wing. He then goes on to condemn it in the media and in public, so that the public can then judge and get exactly the idea that he imagined before the incest.

So, whoever gets the first snout has a nice advantage.

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